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Always failed to download...I am gonna cry..

Could you tell me which version you've been trying to download?

the latest version for windows(1.0) 

Maybe it ’s due to regional restrictions, so it always fails..


wow. the art style is amazing enough, but Ai is literally THE most beautiful monster girl i have probably ever seen drawn. very impressive. love the story so far too, though i wish the MC wasnt so rude and ungrateful to Ai, as well as afraid of her.  i hope she gets over that quickly in the full version. tho dont get me wrong, i understand that she acts like your average MC in that regard. not sure why, but hey, im no mangaka or anime developer or w/e lol, im sure theres prolly a reason MCs are usually like that. anyways  yall keep up the amazing work, and take your time, im def willing to wait if it makes it even better! ....did i mention how beautiful Ai is? GOODNESS lol XP  tysm for the game!

Thank you! I'm always glad to hear from monster girl fans :) she was intended to be intimidating but attractive at the same time, so I'm glad that got across! Lol I think it's cause the average person would probably freak out about meeting a monster character ^^; monster fans would definitely have a different reaction if they saw the real deal? ;P an appropriate response from both parties! I do hope you will enjoy all her other forms as well... I have a feeling some fans may be disappointed though. But she is a shapeshifter so her forms are not lost fortunately.


Hey there, how is the development going? :) I am sooo anxious for this game release <3 hope all is well! 

Hello there! Sadly the game will be delayed, most likely for a few months :( too many personal things going on and now less time for the game. Thanks for keeping track of it!


o/ good luck with the personal stuff 

I'll definitely keep track cuz it is an amazing game that I don't wanna miss haha thanks for the reply even though you are busy over there XD
Here is the link for goods :) You can buy the game here on once it's released.


This game is amazing. I love the storyline,art,characters,everything. but..will the full game be free? cause im broke ..

Thank you! The full game will cost money, my apologies. I will try to hold some raffles and contests that you can try to enter and win that way?


Oh uh sure! Thankies


I don't recall if I ever commented on this; however this game is absolutely beautiful and I'm looking forward to the full version.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it so far :)


Alright, I just completed the demo version. Or at least one branch of it. Much better than I expected, especially the artwork (both character art as well as backgrounds).

There is only one question left: Final version, when??

Thank you for playing! Working on the final version... hoping for a late summer  release ^_^ Team's working diligently while juggling their other work and family obligations. So we're hoping for slow and steady workflow and get it out on time.


Thanks for your reply!

I set myself an alarm for end of August, I'll check back then! :)

I'll be sure to do an update here in case :D Thanks again!


a vietnamese main character??? we STAN

Yes and no ^_^; some bits of cultural reference but not enough to say this is Vietnam or anything persay. I just call it an ancient asia fantasy to make it easier... I do a lot of cultural nods here and there though.


she will be vietnamese in my heart.

I'd agree with that XD


I went to the kickstarter to try to back this amazing project and even registered there but I see no "Back this project" button O.o am I doing something wrong or there was a time limit and I missed it? Anyway, if I can contribute before let me know and if I can't I will be looking forward to buy the game when it releases it! The art, story, characters are amazing, congrats! Thank you for making this really well thought and executed visual novel! <3

Ah my apologies, the demo hasn't been updated after the beta to explain the Kickstarter has been over for about a month now. If you would like, I could probably add you into the backerkit once that is launched. Thank you for the kind words and support! Glad to hear you enjoyed it very much :) we hope to continue to do good work on the rest of the game.

haha no problem XD I was just wondering if I might be doing something wrong haha waaa you sure its ok to add me into de backerkit? I would love it <3 I am super excited to play the full VN! keep up the amazing work ^^

Sure if that's what you'd like :) I haven't done it before but was told it was possible. And thank you! ^_^I'll let you know when it's available.


Even without playing the demo, I was immediately on board when I saw the combination of beautiful art, yuri, a monster girl and folklore elements in a single VN.

I also have three quick questions, if I may:
1. What's the estimation for the game's length?
2. Is the Ai's name 愛, as in "love"?
3. The most important one. Will Ai "figure something out" when it comes to having Linh bear her children? You can't just put that into the story and let me down afterwards! One of the five endings maybe?

Backing up right away and unrealistically hoping we reach the third stretch goal. ^^
However, if possible, you guys should look into ways for people to contribute even after the kickstarter ends.

Thank you! We're glad to hear you had a wonderful first impression of the game :D

1) I was hoping for a minimum of 50K words, but was recommended to aim for 70K if possible. I really don't know because it sorta depends on the characters... I have an outline but they never come out as expected as the characters sorta grow on me and interact in ways I don't always predict. I guess that's how organic I work with this title lol. So my current goal is to write as much as I can but avoid filler if possible ^_^; I'll probably cap at 100K if it miraculously gets there. My style tends to be screenplay mostly so it's a lot harder to go big.

2) Yes you're correct! I've attached a character card that I've had on our studio Twitter and Tumblr.

3) LOL I can't say without spoiling. It "is" and "isn't" as interesting as some people may imagine. It does relate to the lizards I mentioned earlier haha and science. This is my fault for being a biology major at heart.

Thank you again for all the questions! I'll discuss with the team what to do after the KS ends for contributions.

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1. Glad to here that. I also think it's better to let the story and characters naturally evolve as you work with them.
2. I had to be blind to not notice that! >.< I read your posts on tumblr and Updates on KS after writing these questions... I should have read them beforehand. ^^"
3. Now you got me intrigued even more. Looking forward to seeing what you've in store, but I'll probably end up doing a bit of research myself, in an attempt to find out what your plans might be. c:

One more question if I may. What is then plan if the KS fails? Is there some failsafe plan for how to fund the creation of the VN even without KS?

Lol good luck with #3 ;)

Honestly I'm not entirely sure... Not that I'm saying I'm super positive we'll make the 8.5K minimum but eh... it's possible. My dev friends that ran KS for their projects say mine looks like it's in decent shape, the lull of 3rd week is pretty rough to watch. We'll have a much better idea next week when everyone is in promotion mode. Worse case scenario, there's always the idea of delaying the game or cutting things out of the game. There will also be no physical goods and most of the digital goods will be nixed.


As a final note, I'm unsure if you ever considered such an option, but if you guys were to work on more titles than this one, I think it'd be worth looking into setting up a Patreon.

It'd make for a more stable source of funds for you, as KS is a swim-or-sink type of deal, and I'm sure you'd get a lot of people in time if you were to dedicate yourself to such venture. There are a lot of small/medium studios creating VNs and they have a pretty decent income from the donators.

Thanks for the suggestion. Patreon is a lot of work so it needs to be a team discussion. I'll be sure to bring it up.


Extremely promising game with a unique premise and gorgeous art. Definitely one to keep an eye on!


Thank you always for the kind words ;) Must do our best to make the best lamia wifey for you lol.


Great Art with (as far as i can tell by the demo) complex characters. The setting feels very genuine and it all comes together nicely. Looking forward to this one


Aww thank you! We're glad to hear you enjoy the demo so much :D We'll do our best on the full game!


I know this is Chinese theme game  but... The MC outfit look like Ao Dai than Cheongsam, the hat look like Non La, and even MC name sound like Vietnamese name... And there is lotus which is Viet Nam national flower...

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I just picked the lotus cause during my Buddhist sunday school, the temple's emblem was a lotus too.


Very good artstyle and interesting start for longer plot. I'm waiting for more 

Thank you! Glad you like it :) hopefully the game will be made in a timely manner.


Im just about to download this demo and play! I'm already looking forward to seeing this game

Thank you! We hope you enjoy it!