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"Is there a true path to happiness?"

Abruptly finding herself at the bottom of a snake pit, an impoverished girl named Linh is bound and helpless for a crime she did not commit. Left to the mercy of the village snake god, a mysterious entity appears before her, offering to save her in exchange for her soul.

Finding herself in a new reality, she is torn between staying with the beautiful temptress, Ai, who had rescued her from death, and the resourceful wanderer, Jinhai, who promises to set her free.

Who is the real savior? Will Linh discover the strength to change her own fate? Journey with Linh as she is forced to question her understanding of life, happiness, and what it means to be human. Each decision matters in this tale about identity, friendship, love and loss.


Mizuchi 白蛇心傳 is inspired by the Legend of the White Serpent, a famous Asian romance story. This yuri version includes other multicultural folklores mixed in.

  • Two Girl x Girl Romance routes
  • 5 Endings
  • 117K wordcount (5+ hour one playthrough)
  • Beautifully Illustrated CGs and BGs
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Extras: Music Player, CG Gallery, Character Profiles
  • R15 Rating - Mature Content (Romantic Sexuality) Optional
  • Renpy: PC / Mac / Linux
  • Language: English Currently
  • Accessibility Options - Fonts, Song/SFX Captions, Self-Voicing
  • DRM Free!

Warning: The Mac version is non-notarized. MacOS 10.15 Catalina may not play as a result. Please try the demo to test the game plays in the first place before purchasing.

Twitter (Progress Updates!) || Tumblr (Compilations)

This game was supported with wonderful backers!

Mizuchi is dedicated to Mocha!


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

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I haven't played it yet, but I'm so excited for the game! The Legend of the White Snake is honestly one of my favorite popular Asian legends, and I'm excited to a kind of GL game inspired by said legend. I'll add on to this with my full thoughts once I finish a playthrough. 

I hope it's been a good play so far for you! I'm definitely curious what you think of it as non-English reviews seem to imply it's very different from the legend.


The steam version of your game cannot enter the game purchase interface, and I have tried it many times through the web, software, and mobile client. Please fix it as soon as possible.

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I don't understand. Why would the itchio game make a purchase to a steam version? Could you clarify what you mean?


Does this game support Chinese:(

Not yet. Working on it!


I was blown away by the amazing quality of the writing! Definitely one of my favorite VNs I've read to date.

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Thank you so much! So happy to hear it's one of your favorites :) we hope you can enjoy the next game!

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Simply the most beautiful VN I've ever read. Really tugs on your heartstrings but in a unobtrusive, well thought-out manner. Kudos for all the endings being fantastic, including the Friendship one (although it's the Jinhai True Ending that holds a special place in my heart). Of course the music and the visuals are spectacular too. 

I love the fact that the game takes its time to develop the characters and build the atmosphere, and at the same time manages to teach you something about various cultures without getting dull. The emotional payoff later on is great. BTW, never before have I started playing at 7 pm to finish it at 4 am because I got so hooked on the story. 

Also, it's a really cool touch that even if you choose to take it slow with your partner in that significant scene in the middle of the game, your choice still contributes to the relationship in a positive way and doesn't destroy the romance. Well done :-)  

I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for the studio - the world needs more yuri VN novels like this. 


Thank you so much! That was one of the nicest reviews I've had, and came at an important time. I also apologize for ruining your sleep ^^; but glad to hear you felt the payoff was worth it XD I hope the next game will continue to meet your expectations. It's gonna be quite different entirely in format, but hopefully, we can still pull off a good story and characters.


I'm sure it won't disappoint. A different format, huh? But is it still to be a VN? I was also wondering if there is any chance for the Mizuchi soundtrack to be made available for purchase? I would love to listen to it outside the game room.

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Sorry for the late reply. Yes, instead of two LIs and different routes that you can go back and forth on like Mizuchi, it'll be a bit more straightforward for one love interest. Choices will matter and may appear a bit differently for some of them (related to clothes), but it's no longer on a point system either. There are also only two endings unless I figure something else out.  In case of the soundtrack, I was planning to release it eventually on Steam.  I also got a hold of the composer and here are the various options to listen to the music as well :) Hope that helps!




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The game is listed as having multiple good endings. Plenty of players got true endings on the first playthrough. I'd recommend this guide if you need some help:


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So I happen to "stole" this one out of curiosity and lack of money... But it was a good one and I felt bad not paying, so I finally did in the end. My VN budget start to be kinda heavy. Feel kind of bad to tremple on the creator's own rules anyway. Wish we had a global licence already ! :<

Got the "Stasis" at first, I was very into it. The mecanism for ending is a biiiit shaky I thought. And redoing the route wasn't as fun because it was stripped of most of the surprise thing.

Doing the endings with all the sexy scene  was a bit "too much" for me. Felt like... Fanservice ? I wish I wasn't an overachiever there because it really was some awkward moment, I should have learnt to just say "hug & pass", but guess I felt I had to read it all. T_T

Ah.Tinyest typo. "It was decided between the two of us that [we] would leave the house Ai had called home"

Thanks! I fixed it on my end :) It'll be in the new update when I get to it.

Thanks for purchasing the game! I did try to allow players to have access to the same information with either choices in the love scenes as I wanted the game to be more ace friendly and SFW option. And apologies it made you feel awkward? Lol the backers did pay for it ^^;


i really enjoyed this game! i love the characters and the story (in case it's useful info, i got endings in this order: family > journey to the west > future > stasis > sacrifice), and the descriptions & images of food are all so delicious! it made me hungry just playing it. (i want jinhai to teach me cooking too! though i love all the characters jinhai is definitely my favourite...)

another thing i liked was how the game includes vietnamese, japanese and chinese cultural influences but keeps them distinct (and doesn't just mix them up together in some mysterious 'asian' flavour) and is respectful of each of them!

Looks like my reply never went through, sorry for the error, but thank you KC! I'm super happy you enjoyed all the little things I put into the story ^_^ always a writer's favorite thing to hear. I'd love to see more games try to show some cultural distinctions too. It's a blast to learn about various cultures.


As a Vietnamese, I'm surprised and happy to see our culture here: the food, the outfit, the name, the history! You guy truly did a decent research. Thank you so much for crafting this!


Aww, thank you for playing! I've tried my best to add as much Vietnamese history as appropriate with the time period, so I'm always glad to hear other Vietnamese catching onto the references!


I LOVED THE GAME!!! But I was wondering if there is a possibility of a second game since I felt I was left on a cliffhanger for one of the endings.


Glad to hear it! Which ending felt like a cliffhanger?


It was on A's ending when the MC ran into Ai in a different village. It ended showing Ai's face. I was expecting a heartfelt reunion but the MC never recognized Ai. 

Ahh, while the MC may not recognize Ai, in her heart she is already in love with her still. That is why the MC was crushing on her at "first" meeting, which wouldn't happen to the MC with random strangers. I chose this ending to represent the idea that you can always fall in love again if your love was true. There is also a number of real life stories where people with permanent memory loss still manages to fall in love with their partner again. Also, this ending would allow Ai and MC to have more equal footing when they restart their relationship.


That just made the ending beautiful!!!!

Thank you! Glad you think so :)


I bought this on Steam, love it :)  I just wish there were more games like this.  Beautiful art, lovely soundtrack - oh and the women don't look like they are children - HUGE PLUS there for me!  There are a few highly recommended games out there that I look at and go "but romance...? um, that looks like a 10 year old with boobs" and I just can't even. :( 


Thank you for commenting! :) Ahh yes, I know exactly what you mean. We tried to pick a style that was a little more mature but still appealable to everyone. Glad to hear you love everything ☺️ wonderful praise for the team.

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A lovely game, a nice change for high school girls falling in love or exploring the newest Skyrim mod. The routes I explored had very a very mature feel. I got “Family” first and then “Stasis.” I have tried some variance but haven’t found any of the other three routes. I will confess at this point, I usually start consulting a play through guide. I have a few other ideas of things to try and we will see how they turn out. I may a have a peek at Steam, last I looked they were still waiting for the game.

One amusing thing in my play through, I choose the name Aiyoku for [charname] (purhapes not the best fitting name for the character as the plot unfolds and promptly learned the name of one of the love interests was Ai. I suspect you already know about the problem where at times the name Linh is still used even though you select a new name.

Again, very enjoyable. Lovely graphics. I enjoyed the food pieces, unlike the other poster. At times I found the use of slang and informal speech jarring. Slang didn't really seem to fit any of the characters. Unfortunately, I didn’t note down any of the instances.

It is too bad, I didn’t spot your game in time to take part of the Kickstarter phase of production. It would be nice to think I had a small hand in the creation of such an enjoyable and beautiful game.

Well back to see if I can find another ending.

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Thank you! I am a bit surprised you got JH's true ending first lol XD; Uh... save Ai's true ending for last is all I can say. And yes! I had one person show me about 4 Linh/Player_name incidents, sorry about that! I'll be sure to do a post when there's a new update for everyone to download again and replace their current game :) Hopefully we caught them all by now. It's difficult for me to find since ctrl+F wouldn't be useful since Linh is used in the coding all throughout the game T_T; and I played the game too many times recently. Thank you for the kind words! Perhaps you can help be involved in the next game :D


Thank for the response. I found the "Friendship" ending on my own. It wasn't natural game play, but explore the code path play. I just switched between choose time with each love interest. I got JH first basically because being independent, truthful, and industrious (independent) were the natural characteristic's I play a character with. I had intended to go for Ai as a love interest at first, but it became clear mid game my choices were not going that way and just rolled with it.  

I have by now, gone to Steam and found the ending's guild. I used it for the last two endings. I am not much of puzzle solver so that was the easiest way to find everything. I did Ai true ending last and can see why that was the recommended ending. 

I was a little surprised there was no "bad" ending if you continued to follow a path of trying to escape. I see how it works point wise in the game, but (personally) I might have given a second chance to escape, after ignoring the monk, which would have ended bleakly. 

I will be following Aikasa Collective and hope some day to see you are working on something new. I am sure there are idea's in your collective, but it is a time of polishing, cleaning up, and resting. Till it is time a new effort, Stay Safe/Stay Healthy


Ahh gotcha XD Most people tend to play like other VNs with a very specific obvious pattern, hence my expectation 90% of players will not get a True route on the first go lol. Actually, I made my game sorta old school, so I actually expect players to use a guide eventually ^^; I wanted people to feel flexible in getting the answer instead of "there is a correct combination your love interest must hear" seemed less realistic to me romance wise. I also didn't want to have a visible point meter showing; I tend to lose immersion in games that do that. I don't think it feels right to me with the love interest that I'm trying to win points off of them I guess lol.

I don't like bad endings, especially with the history of lesbian media ending in death pretty often, breaking up or marrying guys. I was like NOPE we're gonna do all "happy" endings, even if bittersweet ^.~

Thank you for the kind words! We've already been working on the art for the next game for a few months now. I try to keep my artist employed during this whole time... So it's been ongoing and is slowly being revealed on our Patreon actually. You're right, I still have to work on the Mizuchi physical goods and fixing all the fun typos on my end. Thanks again for the support! ^_^ Stay safe and healthy too!


Of course, Patreon. Why didn't I think to look there! See you on Discord.


I just finished my first playthrough and I wanted to say I am so impressed with what the Aikasa Collective has created! Mizuchi is really an amazing game, truly an art piece. There were many times I was taken by the beauty of the game in its visuals, story, and even music. The characters were all truly memorable, complex, and lovable. Even though Ai will probably be the most popular romance choice, there were many moments where I was crushing on Jinhai!! A great balance there with the love interests. I will admit in the beginning I was a bit impatient at first with how the bulk of the first chapters felt a lot like "slice of life" with not much happening. However over time, I came to understand and empathize more with Linh in appreciating those calmer moments when it really highlighted the stress of any trouble that would come up! My only real complaint is that the game isn't longer! I truly did not want it to end. There were some characters or storylines that I felt like could have been interesting if it lasted longer but were still treated well. The writers were very masterful in handling topics through the conversations. My favorite parts were definitely in the last 3 chapters of the story. I was going for a romance in Ai and apparantly failed in getting the "true" ending. When I realized I was not getting the "true" ending I felt a little heart broken but was glad the ending I saw was not as hopeless as I thought. I'm really encouraged to try again and hope to get a happier one with Ai! I would appreciate finding any helpful hints or tips for my next playthrough...I'm excited to see what other sides I missed in this breathtaking game! Keep up the great work and looking forward to more works!! <3

PS: here are some funny save titles I had when I was freaking out from chapters 8 to the end:

mild spoiler warning!

  • Ai love you
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • men are the source of evil
  • wtfffff
  • cup depression
  • rom com??
  • SHADOW AI???????

Aww I love watching people play the game, so I really enjoy your save file names XD Thank you for sharing! Happy to hear you enjoy the game so much. I received similar critique for the SoL bit, but the editor said the serious parts later in the story were pretty heavy, so we decided to leave it be for pacing and prevent player wear out.

I was advised by testers to save Ai true route last for the best experience... Why don't you try the opposite to get JH good ending and try something different for the Friendship one. Let me know! Then I'll give you the hint for the true endings ;)


Oh! That makes sense regarding the SoL...the heavier moments looking back did feel more balanced out since the happier moments were there. Linh was really living the dream! I also love food and cooking a lot so I appreciated the detail and accuracy the game went into showcasing it! Even made me hungry a few times haha! Thank you again for creating such a beautiful game. I'll be sure to try again for the other endings! <3


Awww, super glad you like the cooking and food scenes :) sorry for making you hungry lol. Thanks again for the kind comments! Be sure to let me know how you like the other endings ^_^


I came to leave a comment and your page reminded me there are 5 endings! I'm already planning to play again to unlock the other artwork/soundtrack I didn't get my first run. And I wanted to say, from my first playthrough I can see how much love and dedication was put into this game. I noticed a couple of typos during my run. But it was easy to tell what the dialogue was saying. All things considered, I appreciate your work and want to give a big thank you :)

Thank you so much for the kind words! Yes I believe we caught quite a few typos from other players, I just haven't been able to update the game just yet (or waiting for more music to be available).

So I finished the game, it was a really cool experience overall. Here is my full thought about it.

- The art is amazing. Characters, background, objects, everything is just so gorgeous I was really lost in it. It really had a lot to the game and helps create this unique atmosphere so perfect.

- Beautiful UI and animation. I was really mesmerized by all the detail in the direction, the ui art is clean and very pretty, I loved everything about it, it help highlighting the art and give more life to the game, really great work, being a dev myself I am impressed !

- The characters were all very nice and well written with all their own personnality, even the "bad guy" was more complex than it seems at first glance.

- The story : SPOILER

Too much food. Really, there was a point where all the story was about food. Eating, preparing meal, chasing, going on a picnic, candies… I am not going to lie, I ended up skipping some food scenes because I was really annoyed to see more of it, it feels really redundant especially packed like this. But then, SHIT HAPPENS. The last third of the game is really catch breathing with all the slow build up of mistery being released in a beautiful and intense final.

The only other things that bothered me was the MC being homesick during a long time at the begining. It annoyed me because, as a player, I had no clue why she would miss her family so much since we had no memory of them (in the prologue neither in flashback or just one at the end if I remember correctly.) The only thing I really know about the family was :

- Father so annoyed to have a girl at the point she decided her own name.

- Starving / not really well treated.

I kinda get the fact, she actually enjoy spending time with her sisters and mother but it’s never really shown, so we never get a chance to get attach to her family, and so, to understand her wish to go back on this village after they treated her so poorly.


Overall I really liked the game, the mistery really catch me and I wanted to know more, had my share of (wrong) guessing, and never felt like it was stupid so that’s the really good point. I missed the true ending with Ai first playthrough but I manage to get it and I was happy because it does feel much more like a good ending (even is the first one was more bittersweet than sad). Little hint for those who struggle like me to get the true ending : don’t ignore the girl you don’t want to date :p

So in the end besides the food scenes becoming redundant it was a really good experience, with mesmerizing graphics and lovely characters, I recommand the game to anyone willing to dwell in the asian culture.

Thank you a game for this really great game 


(1 edit)

Thank you so much for the kind and thoughtful review. The team is carefully reading everyone's thoughts so we can make the next game even better! Did you get the friendship ending by chance? I think that would answer one of your concerns.


Good timing on release, Almost finished with Kindred Spirits on a Roof and was wondering what to play next.


KS is a great game, and thank you! Hope you enjoy Mizuchi when you get around to it :)


I am sure I will, I loved the demo!

Glad to hear it!

(1 edit)

I downloaded and played the demo then bought the full version but it keeps saying to DL/purchase the full version. Is there something I need to do?

EDIT: Nevermind, I'm dumb! I was loading from demo save files instead of starting fresh.

Glad you figured it out! You should be able to use the old demo save files but do a slightly earlier save point away from where the demo ends :)

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Im currently on 3rd chapter only, but i have to ask.

You guys were planning this as an otome-vn, right? I won't be surprised if it was written as such, and there was monk-boy and snake-boy initially, but they were genderswapped near the release.

Because it is barely alike to any yuri/lesbian vn, it is totally your usual otome. But with girls, for some unknown and surreal reason.


It's interesting that you feel that way, I didn't get those vibes at all. Can I ask what makes this feel like an otome to you?

(As far as I know the devs planned this as a yuri from the beginning. I think they're mostly queer women who wanted to make a yuri VN studio together.)

(1 edit) (+9)

I would like to know as well why you think that. No they weren't genderswapped near release, it was funded on kickstarter more than a year ago, it was yuri from the beginning.


Holy Macaroni that was awful and rude


Wow-wow. Sorry sorry. Didn't mean to be rude or offend someone. Nevermind what i said.

Game's great.


I didn't think you were rude. I'm honestly, genuinely interested in your reasons for thinking this feels like an otome to you. Could you please tell me why think that? I'm really curious.

(2 edits)

I think Sunscoop already explained this on their first post. According to them, there was a "monk-boy" and a "snake-boy" that apparently got "gender-swapped", hence why they thought this was an otome.

Now, I don't know if this was before the Kickstarter, if they simply mistook this game for another or if they simply saw early sketches/designs and though they were male-looking when they were actual women. This is a Yuri game and from the looks it has been since the beginning... so maybe there was a big misunderstanding here.

Otomes are VNs whose central figurine is a woman pursuing or being pursued by several romantic options, sometimes exclusively male, sometimes mixed. But more often than not its usually male ROs. Since this here is a Yuri game, I don't think calling it an Otome is correct IMO. So yeah, probably Sunscoop misunderstood.


(hi, I'm geck/the editor!) as someone who plays mostly otoge and BLge, mizuchi has been an interesting learning experience in the demographic differences, haha- you'd think otoge and yurige would have a lot of overlap, but the things I've come to expect from otoge are.. pretty different? the simplest- and most significant- of which is probably protagonist agency. with otoge, the devs, generally correctly, think the player wants to be swept away from their boring normal lives by handsome guy(s), and it's /that/ sort of fantasy- with yurige, it seems to be more ex/implicitly about empowerment; this is a pretty consistent theme with media 'for and by LGBT+'. romance VNs across the board are escapism, but it's a different flavor of it for each main group. 

(fwiw, BLge tends to be this weird in-the-middle mix of the swept off one's feet effect but with the protag in intense denial the entire time until they finally surrender to their intensifying (often considered in-universe as horrifying) gay desires. it's one of the things that are most telling that it's a genre not really by or for gay men.

that got kinda longwinded. oops😅)



I hope you're enjoying it! ^^

I’m having issues with the downloading process ;(((

I have an iPhone 11 and I’m trying to download it on Mac.zip file

Every time I do, the files just stay as FILES on my phone. I’ve tried asking google “How to convert a .zip file into an app”  and such but nothing helpful works... and this happens with ALL the games on it itchio every time.  

I really wanna play this game because it looks so beautiful~ super excited for the full game too! 
My fellow iOS users, please help me out!!!! 😫😭


Hm, I'm not sure there's a way to play games like this on iPhone. In some cases, itch might allow you to play directly in browser, but that can still be a bit tricky. You will likely need to download this on a computer, as it's not a phone app.

ohh okay, thank you so much for the help! Appreciate it! 😁

Yes, sorry to say but all these games have to be played on a computer: Windows, Mac or Linux. I haven't ported the game to mobile, which is a separate system itself. Sorry! Please try it on one of those ^^


you need PC either way, even Steam Link which help you play on your smart phone req a runing PC installed Steam while you playing...


Always failed to download...I am gonna cry..

Could you tell me which version you've been trying to download?

the latest version for windows(1.0) 

Maybe it ’s due to regional restrictions, so it always fails..

Any ideas on how I can make it work for you? I sorta get an impression this happens a lot in your case? 🤔


wow. the art style is amazing enough, but Ai is literally THE most beautiful monster girl i have probably ever seen drawn. very impressive. love the story so far too, though i wish the MC wasnt so rude and ungrateful to Ai, as well as afraid of her.  i hope she gets over that quickly in the full version. tho dont get me wrong, i understand that she acts like your average MC in that regard. not sure why, but hey, im no mangaka or anime developer or w/e lol, im sure theres prolly a reason MCs are usually like that. anyways  yall keep up the amazing work, and take your time, im def willing to wait if it makes it even better! ....did i mention how beautiful Ai is? GOODNESS lol XP  tysm for the game!

Thank you! I'm always glad to hear from monster girl fans :) she was intended to be intimidating but attractive at the same time, so I'm glad that got across! Lol I think it's cause the average person would probably freak out about meeting a monster character ^^; monster fans would definitely have a different reaction if they saw the real deal? ;P an appropriate response from both parties! I do hope you will enjoy all her other forms as well... I have a feeling some fans may be disappointed though. But she is a shapeshifter so her forms are not lost fortunately.


Hey there, how is the development going? :) I am sooo anxious for this game release <3 hope all is well! 

Hello there! Sadly the game will be delayed, most likely for a few months :( too many personal things going on and now less time for the game. Thanks for keeping track of it!


o/ good luck with the personal stuff 

I'll definitely keep track cuz it is an amazing game that I don't wanna miss haha thanks for the reply even though you are busy over there XD

Here is the link for goods :) You can buy the game here on Itch.io once it's released.


This game is amazing. I love the storyline,art,characters,everything. but..will the full game be free? cause im broke ..

Thank you! The full game will cost money, my apologies. I will try to hold some raffles and contests that you can try to enter and win that way?


Oh uh sure! Thankies


I don't recall if I ever commented on this; however this game is absolutely beautiful and I'm looking forward to the full version.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it so far :)


Alright, I just completed the demo version. Or at least one branch of it. Much better than I expected, especially the artwork (both character art as well as backgrounds).

There is only one question left: Final version, when??

Thank you for playing! Working on the final version... hoping for a late summer  release ^_^ Team's working diligently while juggling their other work and family obligations. So we're hoping for slow and steady workflow and get it out on time.


Thanks for your reply!

I set myself an alarm for end of August, I'll check back then! :)

I'll be sure to do an update here in case :D Thanks again!


a vietnamese main character??? we STAN

Yes and no ^_^; some bits of cultural reference but not enough to say this is Vietnam or anything persay. I just call it an ancient asia fantasy to make it easier... I do a lot of cultural nods here and there though.


she will be vietnamese in my heart.

I'd agree with that XD


I went to the kickstarter to try to back this amazing project and even registered there but I see no "Back this project" button O.o am I doing something wrong or there was a time limit and I missed it? Anyway, if I can contribute before let me know and if I can't I will be looking forward to buy the game when it releases it! The art, story, characters are amazing, congrats! Thank you for making this really well thought and executed visual novel! <3

Ah my apologies, the demo hasn't been updated after the beta to explain the Kickstarter has been over for about a month now. If you would like, I could probably add you into the backerkit once that is launched. Thank you for the kind words and support! Glad to hear you enjoyed it very much :) we hope to continue to do good work on the rest of the game.

haha no problem XD I was just wondering if I might be doing something wrong haha waaa you sure its ok to add me into de backerkit? I would love it <3 I am super excited to play the full VN! keep up the amazing work ^^

Sure if that's what you'd like :) I haven't done it before but was told it was possible. And thank you! ^_^I'll let you know when it's available.

Deleted 2 years ago

Thank you! We're glad to hear you had a wonderful first impression of the game :D

1) I was hoping for a minimum of 50K words, but was recommended to aim for 70K if possible. I really don't know because it sorta depends on the characters... I have an outline but they never come out as expected as the characters sorta grow on me and interact in ways I don't always predict. I guess that's how organic I work with this title lol. So my current goal is to write as much as I can but avoid filler if possible ^_^; I'll probably cap at 100K if it miraculously gets there. My style tends to be screenplay mostly so it's a lot harder to go big.

2) Yes you're correct! I've attached a character card that I've had on our studio Twitter and Tumblr.

3) LOL I can't say without spoiling. It "is" and "isn't" as interesting as some people may imagine. It does relate to the lizards I mentioned earlier haha and science. This is my fault for being a biology major at heart.

Thank you again for all the questions! I'll discuss with the team what to do after the KS ends for contributions.

Deleted 2 years ago

Lol good luck with #3 ;)

Honestly I'm not entirely sure... Not that I'm saying I'm super positive we'll make the 8.5K minimum but eh... it's possible. My dev friends that ran KS for their projects say mine looks like it's in decent shape, the lull of 3rd week is pretty rough to watch. We'll have a much better idea next week when everyone is in promotion mode. Worse case scenario, there's always the idea of delaying the game or cutting things out of the game. There will also be no physical goods and most of the digital goods will be nixed.

Deleted 2 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion. Patreon is a lot of work so it needs to be a team discussion. I'll be sure to bring it up.


Extremely promising game with a unique premise and gorgeous art. Definitely one to keep an eye on!


Thank you always for the kind words ;) Must do our best to make the best lamia wifey for you lol.


Great Art with (as far as i can tell by the demo) complex characters. The setting feels very genuine and it all comes together nicely. Looking forward to this one


Aww thank you! We're glad to hear you enjoy the demo so much :D We'll do our best on the full game!


I know this is Chinese theme game  but... The MC outfit look like Ao Dai than Cheongsam, the hat look like Non La, and even MC name sound like Vietnamese name... And there is lotus which is Viet Nam national flower...

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I just picked the lotus cause during my Buddhist sunday school, the temple's emblem was a lotus too.


Very good artstyle and interesting start for longer plot. I'm waiting for more 

Thank you! Glad you like it :) hopefully the game will be made in a timely manner.


Im just about to download this demo and play! I'm already looking forward to seeing this game

Thank you! We hope you enjoy it!